Kamis, 29 Juni 2017

Dream An Idea Then Create A Product

Are you someone who is always coming up with great ideas? Do you then stutter over how to make them a reality and by the time you get to the next stage find that your idea is already one of the hottest selling products around?

Ingenius ideas come to many people but advancing those ideas on to the stage of being able to create a product is work heavy. If they are only just a creative spark in your mind, how exactly do you go from thinking to creating such a great product?

A lot of creative work is involved in the development. You have to start to produce your dream. Giving up if it doesnt work out first time is not an option. Fine tuning your creation is a must and it is not easy for those who are not inventors.

You need to get something down on paper, a basic blueprint at minimum, write it down. Then you need to do something so simple but it is important if you want to claim the copyright to the product. Take an envelope, place your idea inside and then post it to yourself (Im not crazy, no, read on). You will have a date on it. Heres the most important step. Never open the envelope, ever. If an argument arises to do with copyright, your blueprint of the idea is firmly sealed with a lawyer waiting to open it. Even better is to hand the sealed mail to a lawyer to keep it safe for you.

You realize then that you need finance to start your project. How do you find someone who would be interested in your project? You could start by talking about your idea. You know when you have a great thought to create a product, and you can see the end result, but to convey that thought is an art.

You will need to compile a budget and a projection of what you anticipate all your earnings and costs to be. If you could imagine going to the bank and asking them to finance the project, then all you would need to give them would be what you should be offering someone else who would be putting money into the project. Consider if it is worth employing an accountant to produce professional budget, projections and any statistics you might need.

You will need to trust people with your ideas and sometimes paying for a professional could make you a far bigger profit. Consider getting somebody involved who has no interest in the project, and listen when they say that it doesnt make any sense. It might be the way you are telling them the idea, and then you could need to be getting someone to put the theory into an understandable format.
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