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Writing Effective Email Ad Copy

Email advertising, in spite of what many people think, is not dead. However, the art of writing effective email ad copy seems to be dying a slow death.

Seems that most of the email ads I get in my in box are nothing but junk and very poorly written. Hopefully, this article will alert you to some of the dos and donts of writing email ad copy so that you actually have a snowballs prayer of making a few sales. If I have accomplished that much, then I have done my job.

The first thing that people do wrong with their ad copy is write subjects that are full of hype. People are sick and tired of the Make $30,000 in 30 Days subjects. They know theyre nothing but hype and simply chuck them in the trash. Also, the subjects like Youve Been Paid are really ticking people off because when they open them and realize that they havent been paid, they just chuck them in the trash in anger.

You want your subjects to be original, not full of hype, but interesting. Dont be afraid to use subjects like Theres Something About Your Site That You MUST Know People are going to wonder. What is it about my site? Is there a problem with it? Did I do something wrong? Is it even still on the Internet? These kind of subjects are going to invoke curiosity without resorting to hype or outright deceptive headlines. Be original but be honest.

In the body of your email you dont want to hit people with a sales pitch right away. You want to take some time for them to get to know you. Tell them your story. Heck, start them off with a joke. Dont be so darn serious all the time. You know what they say, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Keep it light, but get the point across.

One very big problem that people have when writing email ad copy is that they dont pay attention to spam trigger words. You cant load up your emails with words and phrases like make money or guaranteed income. These phrases and words will trigger off the spam filters on many email accounts and your ad will ultimately not even get delivered. So run your ad through a spam checker. There are plenty of free ones online. Theyre all basically the same. Just pick one and use it.

Finally, you dont want your email ad copy to come off as an infomercial. You want to write like you speak. People are so tired of the sales pitch. If you communicate with them in a way that makes you sound sincere, you have a much better shot at converting them to paying customers than if you spout out garbage like You too can live the life of a millionaire with our easy 3 step system guaranteed to

Got the picture?

Honesty goes a long way in business as in life. Write an email ad that is honest and not full of hype and there is no reason why you cant have a successful email ad campaign.
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