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Quick Ways To Make Money - Forums

In this third of a four part series to give you an idea, making money quick on the Internet, were going to touch on a method that very few people are aware of. It has to do with forum participation and its something that I see is becoming very popular with many forums. Its called the special offer. In this article, well give you the basics on what a special offer is and how to come up with your own, as well as a couple of places where you can make these special offers.

Forums are places where people hang out to get information and help each other. They are actually small, and sometimes large communities where people get together. They become quite a close nit bunch, so when going to a forum for the first time, you need to make sure that you dont go busting in there like a bull in a China shop.

So just what are these special offers and how do you make one? Well, each forum is different, but for the most part, a special offer is one that is for forum members only. Usually it has to be a product or service that is yours exclusively. The special offer is selling that product or service at a reduced price for forum members. So lets say you have an ebook that normally sells to the public for $97. You can do a half off special offer for the forum members for $48.50, or something like that. Most forums will require that this offer not be available to anyone outside the forum.

Okay, I know what youre thinking. What if you dont have anything to offer? Not everybody has their own product. Not a problem. See, its really not hard to come up with something to sell, even if its not for a lot of money. With todays desktop publishing technology, it is easy to put together a short report of 10 pages or so and sell it for $5. If the information in the report is solid, youd be surprised at how many people will actually buy it. You can make $1000 easily off of a $5 report, depending on how large the forum is.

Now, before you go rushing into putting something together for these special offers, most forums have very strict guidelines for making them. For the most part, you have to be a member for a certain length of time and have a minimum amount of posts to your credit. This keeps the riff-raff from coming in just to take advantage of members. So you do have to build up a reputation first. Once youve done that, then anytime you need some quick cash, just put something of value together and post your offer. Some forums do charge a small fee for this but many are free.

The two best forums for special offers are at the Why Do Work forum and the Warrior forum. The Warrior forum does charge a $20 fee as of this writing but the Why Do Work forum is free and only requires you to have 50 posts.

If you need some quick cash, special offers at forums is an excellent solution.
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