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Save Your Money by Regulating the Work Timings

The clockspot provides the facility of tracking the work timings of the employees in various remote job sites. The employer can effectively control and monitor the activities of the employees regarding the check in and check out time of the employees. The online timesheet assists the employers to fill the details of the employees and their work timings. As the software is suitable for a number of fields, the software can be used in various sectors of work and job sites. The business is served all over the world and assists the users across the globe.

The timesheet framework of clockspot

The timesheet framework is equipped with the necessary features of online timing tracking of the employees. The software platform is developed with the user friendly option and enables the user to use it easily. The employer can monitor the employee timings and can export the data in various available formats. The employer can authenticate the employee by the employee’s voice in the software. The employees can send their request regarding the changes to be made in the timesheet. It provides travel time and mileage of the employee by a small symbol in the software. It effectively detects the error of the suspicious timings and highlights the employee in red color.

Generates the reports easily

The software is developed to generate the reports easily. The payroll generation of the employees can be calculated easily with the available tools in the clockspot software. The report is generated with the total calculated regular and extra timings and the corresponding dollars are calculated. The software generates the payroll report along with the additional bonuses and tax reductions to the employer. Thus it avoids the need of another company to generate the payroll of the employee based on the work timings. By integrating the timings register with the database, the software generates the report as soon as possible.

The traits of employee time clock
The employee web time clock involves an unlimited clock in and out times. The employees have the option of viewing the timesheet of their work timings. When a necessary correction has to be made in the timesheet, they can send the request for their employer to correct the mistakes. The co workers in the organization can have the instant messaging and emailing system for the effective communication. The employees can also use the phone time clock with employers. The option of narrating the shift reports enables the employees to report the employer instantaneously.
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