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Google - King Of Pay Per Click?

You know that a company has a corner on the market when people refer to pay per click advertising as Adwords campaigns.

This is a testimony to the Google empire. But make no mistake about it. Google Adwords may be the biggest game in town but theyre not the only game in town. And unless they start easing up on advertisers, there is a good chance that Google may very well be knocked off their thrown.

This article is going to point out the problems with Google Adwords that may very well lead to their downfall.

As what usually happens when a company gets big is that they get too big for their own good and think that they can do and get away with just about anything.

That may hold true for a while, but anybody who thinks that a giant cant be knocked off its thrown, better take a look at what happened to ATT and IBM. They are both no longer the monopoly that they once were. And in the case of IBM, theyre not even number 1 anymore.

The first problem with Google pay per click that is really getting advertisers annoyed is their rule that you can no longer send customers to a sales page that isnt yours. Well, you could, but you wont get very far. Turns out that they really penalize you heavily if all youre doing is sending people to a landing page of somebody elses product as an affiliate.

The reason, they say, is because when they allowed this, customers would click on ads and each one would take them to the same page. This was ticking off customers so Google had to put a clamp on landing pages for affiliate products. This has driven costs for some keywords through the roof.

Another problem with Google is how strictly they hold you to the targeting of keywords and the pages they apply to. It is quite understandable if you are targeting keywords that dont at all apply to the pages you are sending customers to, but when Google thinks that a keyword maybe only slightly applies, theyre going to hammer you almost as hard as if the keyword didnt apply at all.

Take a look at some of your campaigns and check out the keywords that you thought were perfectly acceptable. Many of them are now costing 10 to 100 times what your other keywords are costing.

And finally, lets be honest, Google is not all that easy to use and master. Thats the reason why there are so many books written on the subject. It takes an awful lot of study to get Google pay per click to work efficiently.

Many people simply dont have that kind of time and ultimately give up on their Google campaigns, especially after theyve been slapped. Thats a term used to apply to the act of turning your keyword costs into yesterdays filet mignon.

As more and more people get fed up with Google because of high click costs, they will slowly turn to the other engines like Yahoo and MSN. After a while, Google will realize that theyre not the only game in town.
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