Minggu, 25 Juni 2017

Building Link Popularity is Easy!

Building link popularity is not that hard if you know what youre doing. When I am new in this business, one of the biggest problem I ever encounter is building my web sites link popularity. And I almost give up my plan to build my future online. Now I learned that building link popularity is not that hard.

I want to share also what I learned. There are to many ways you can do to build your link popularity fast  as easy.
  1. Forum signature - Join forums that related to your site and take advantage of your privilege as a member of the community to have your forum signature as indirect way to promote your site and get free back link to your site.
  2. Blog comment - Right there so many blog on every topic. Search for a blog that is related to your site from technorati.com or blogger.com for related blog to your site, then make a constructive comment for the blog post and dont forget to include a link to your site.
  3. Directories - There are 10 of thousandths of  free directories to submit your site. You can set a goal to your self to submit your site to 10 directories a day. If you do that in 1 year you have 3,650 back link.
  4. Article writing - Write article and submit them to article directories, like http://www.pk0.org , http://www.goarticles.com , http://www.ezinearticles.com
  5. Ask your friend to link back to your site
  6. Write a review of your site and submit to review sites like http://www.xb6.org
If you only do the above tips continuously for sure you will get tons of back link.
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