Senin, 05 Juni 2017

What Are The Best Internet Advertising Methods?

One of these days, my words will sink into peoples heads. Until that day comes, Ill be constantly trying to explain to people that there is no such thing as the best Internet advertising method.

Why? Well, its basically because everybodys business is different. What works for one person may not work for another person simply because of the target market and the niche. In this article, Im going to try to simply explain why this is so by pointing out some examples. Hopefully, those examples will make things crystal clear so that you no longer have to ask what the best Internet advertising methods are.

Lets take the niche of Internet Marketing itself, since it is so popular. Now, normally, I would say to run off to Google and use pay per click advertising to promote your business, since pay per click is about the most targeted form of advertising you can get. But in this case, it is not the best, and I will explain why.

Internet marketing is a very competitive niche. If you were to go to Google and look up how many competing sites there are for the phrase Internet Marketing you would find hundreds of millions of sites. I kid you not. Internet marketing may very well be one of the most competitive niches in the world. As a result, if you were to use Google pay per click to promote an Internet marketing product, youd have so much competition that your cost per click costs would be sky high. As a result, unless you have a product that converted like crazy or one that had a high price tag, your chances of losing money with this form of advertising, as good as it is, would be very great.

Now, lets take that same Google pay per click example and apply it to the niche of custom baseball hats which has very little competition at all. If you were to use pay per click advertising for this small niche, you may very well end up making a decent amount of money. Now, lets go in the opposite direction.

If you were to use FFA Hosting, which is where you send emails out to people posting business opportunity ads, you would get very little results from this form of advertising for custom baseball hats. However, if you were to use that same form of advertising for Internet marketing, you would probably do very well because these are people who are looking for business opportunities.

Heres my point to all this. There are some forms of advertising that are always good and then there are some forms of advertising that are always bad. But somewhere in the middle is that gray area where the advertising method itself is only as good as the product you are trying to promote.

So, do your homework. Find out what forms of advertising perform best for certain niches. The information is out there. You simply have to find it. What youll ultimately find out is that one persons dog is another persons diamond.
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