Senin, 05 Juni 2017

Promoting Your Blog

The first question I ever made when I start my first blog is How can I promote my blog, even do I make every day post on it, and enter useful tips for my blog reader, still the problem is who will read this tips if no one know that my blog is exist or no one visiting it.

Trough the help of other experience bloggers, and applying their suggestions, youre now reading my entry :).

Here some of the effective way to promote your blog which I implement and all works.

1. Be sure that the content of your blog is very informative. This will ensure that the person visit your blog will come back to read again your new entries. Write an article for real person not for your self and for the computer. Posting to many short entries in your blog will not guarantee that you get traffic. It always depend on what your reader to learn from your article. Remember they will visit your blog to gain knowledge.

2. Submit your site to blog directories. I have some list here, this list may bring you traffic.

3. Include a syndication links from your blog like yahoo, msn, google, and other agregators. This really help to bring traffic and back link to your site.

4. Ping your blog, dont forget to ping your blog after posting your article. If youre using wordpress you may add the following ping service site at your rpc to automatically ping these ping service sites or use them to ping your blog manually.

5. Request link exchange from other websites that related to your web site.

If you have other tips, let us know so that everyone will be benifial
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